Harken's Heroes

Hidden Armory

Chet, idiot savant.

When the party opened the door, they were surprised to see behind it an empty room. Upon closer inspection they heard some moans and noticed the walls of the room shimmering slightly. Having rediscovered his bravery, D’kar charged through it and came to face to face with a group of ragged zombies. They had fought so many of the pathetic creatures recently that they made quick work of these four and searched the room for treasure.

As they looked through the rotting armor and weapons a magic mouth on a plaque spoke a riddle to them. Chet quickly deciphered that the answer was “honor” and the group was rewarded with some magical plate mail for D’kar. Once the dragonborn quickly changed, the group headed down the steps to see what awaited them on the second floor of the Keep.


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