Harken's Heroes

Ghoul Warren

Ah, undead. Now that's what we like!

With Ganassi’s sunrod gleaming brightly the group descended into a chamber that stank of rotting meat and was littered with corpses. As they peered around the room a ghoul raced up to the party and headed straight for D’kar, while Mot and Ganassi attacked some rotting corpses with magical attacks. The dragonborn paladin hammered the undead creature into near submission with a vicious attack, while more rotting zombies moved toward the party. One attacked the wizard, while Chet attacked the ghoul with his flashing swords and drove him back into the shadows.

A small clay scout flitted around the room observing everything and a trio of stonger looking zombies moved toward the heroes. While the ghoul fled deeper into the room, the party destroyed some more ragged looking zombies, before Ganassi used his fire shroud to turn things even more into the adventurer’s favor. His attack set the clay scout and a zombie on fire, before readying attacks against the small homunculi. When the creature tried to bite the wizard and then flee it was struck with his sword and tangled up with an alchemist mixture.

D’kar attacked a zombie and then hurled a glob of dragon fire into another group of zombies, destroying some more of the undead. Bosephus followed up with a turn undead to destroy and damage some of the remaining zombies. Not to be outdone by the two divine characters, Chet moved into position between three of the undead creatures and hacked into them with swords flailing. The ghoul rushed out of the darkness to attack Chet in a last ditch effort to harm the ranger, but it didn’t do very much damage. The clay scout hardened into stone and shattered on the ground as the party moped up the few remaining zombies and the ghoul with spells and swords.

Hidden among the bodies the group discovered a bag of holding and after emptying it of its grizzly contents, Ganassi added it to his adventuring gear.


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