Harken's Heroes

Falling Leaves, Part 3

Wait, he's a drow?!

During a hard fought battle against the Shadar-kai chainfighters and their disguised mage, Razvahn Mazlay, the mage called for a truce to plead his case. He explained to the party that seers of the Ebony Guard had seen the vision of Orcus assembling the mirror shards and knew it was an ill omen. When they learned that the Elder Librarian had died they realized that the Demon Lord’s forces were trying to discover the Raven Queen’s true name.

After some discussion, the party decided to take the mage and the most injured chainfighter into custody, while the female chainfighter escaped into the sewers.

The party dropped their new prisoners off at Lady Shandria’s palace and discussed their next steps. During this time they received a message from Arkenndar, stating that the election of the Elder Librarian had been moved up to the next morning. On their way to the Inn where she was staying, a member of the Assassin’s Guild provided them with access to Roland Dupron’s estate to better protect Alyssa from the agents of Orcus.

Taking most of the day, the adventurers collect the two elder Eladrin and move them to the walled manor house. In attempt to thwart the plan of the last remaining candidate, Albrecht Durak, Scarab disguised himself as Ganassi’s mother and was leading the party to his estate in an attempt to sneak their way in.

Fortunately a tell-tale glow from his fingers alerted him that another undead creature was heading toward Dupron’s Estate through the sewers, where Ganassi’s mother was only guarded by Arkenndar. As they readied themselves for the impending attack, Ganassi noticed a shadowy figure emerge from the darkness. The direguard assassin moved quickly in and out of combat with the heroes, until a scream emanated from the other room. With a smirk the creature sank through the floor and disappeared while the heroes rushed to Alyssa’s side.

Their they found the undead beetles attacking Ganassi’s mother. As they poured out of a nearby window to a creature waiting below, the illusions on Arkenndar finally disappared and he was revealed to be a disguised drow. Though shocked, Ganassi allowed Bosephus to stabilize the dying man before they all jumped through the windows and pursued the undead beetle creature.

Trapping it in the gardens below, the party quickly used area attacks to destroy it. This riled up some of the local Fey creatures, but wise words managed to calm them before they caused too much damage. After the battle Ganassi, Alyssa, and Arkenndar discussed how their relationship came together. They learned that the drow’s clan had been destroyed and during his escape he had been severely injured. Ganassi’s mother nursed the ailing wizard back to health and their relationship blossomed from there.

In the morning, the party gathered in front of the Grand Library and awaited the outcome of the election. With the announcement of Albrecht Durak as the winner, a group charged the front doors to distract the party and the guards from another group sneaking into the sewers. Luckily Mot was able to spot them and alert the party to give chase.

They climbed through a magical barrier and entered the restricted section of the library to find it being pilfered by a number of vampire minions. The assassin they had fought the night before and Albrecht Durak, the Vampire Lord, led the search and took the fight to the party.

After a hard fought battle between the assassins, which Scarab won, and the holy warriors using the power of their gods on the vampire, the party emerged victorious. Ganassi’s mother was safely installed as the new Elder Librarian.

The party was handsomely rewarded for their efforts by Lady Shandria, who put them to work guarding the city during the dangerous fall and winter months. D’kar even managed to score a part in Damlet before it closed for the season.

A few months after the events surrounding the election, a massive airship arrived in the city, damaged from a battle of some sort. Two of the passengers aboard, an ancient construct and an elderly wizard, disembarked and seemed to be searching the gathered crowds. When they saw D’kar the construct recognized him as the descendent of one of their greatest warriors and asked him (and his friends) to return with him to their home world, Phyrexia.


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