Harken's Heroes

Falling Leaves Part 2

What is going on around here?!

Deciding to wait until nightfall to investigate the Assassin’s Guild, the party headed to Karitas Tavern in the Artisan district. There, they saw some interesting creatures singing karaoke, including a duergar and an orc, a quartet of succubi, and a pair of ettins. After talking to Lornleaf and checking out the portal to other dimensions in the back of the tavern, they decide to head to a nearby theater to investigate the makeup they had found. Scarab and Ganassi discovered that it was probably purchased at the Star and Dolphin Coster and D’kar discovered a latent love of theater.

At the Coster, the dragonborns managed to get the address of a large makeup delivery, somewhere down in the dock district. After a quick lunch at the Drowning Drow Tavern, the party went to check out the warehouse. It appeared abandoned, so Scarab snuck in to investigate, but didn’t find anyone. Once the rest of the party joined him, they entered a back room of the building and were attacked by a trapped shrine to the Raven Queen. Using religion to overcome the trap on the shrine and brute force to destroy the chain guardian, the party eventually found some papers that mentioned a faction called the Ebony Guard. It seems they had taken an interest in the election of a new librarian.

Darkness began to fall as the party moved on to Gob’s Flophouse and managed to locate a contact for the Asassin’s Guild. D’kar, in a surprising turn of events, managed to convince the disfigured orc that he was looking for an assassin. The paladin was given an address and a secret knock to use there.

Moving quickly to the supposed Asassain’s Guild hideout, the party disabled some deadly looking spike traps before entering the warehouse. It appeared empty at first, but some clever searching found a hidden entrance to the guild’s leader in the basement.

Continuing his smooth negotiations, D’kar learned that the guild was not involved in the attacks on the librarian candidates. Figuring it was mutually beneficial to work together, the leader gave them a map of the sewers and some keys to open manholes in the center part of the city, where strange attacks seemed to be targeting sewer dwelling organisms.

The party thanked him and then headed into the University District, where they entered the sewer and began following a trail created by the chain wielding murderers. They followed its twists and turns through the noble district and into the temple district, encountering numerous corpses of creatures that had been torn up by something.

Surprised by some commotion above ground in the middle of the night, they investigated to discover a fire had broken out near the Temple of Correlon. Unbeknownst to them, they just missed seeing one of the killers sneak away from the scene. The party stopped the fire only to discover that it had been a diversion to allow another librarian candidate to be killed. While most of the party reported this to Lady Shandria and warned Ganassi’s mother, Scarab went to check up on another candidate (after finding her location from the assassin’s guild). Unfortunately they arrived too late as they narrowly missed another murderer sneaking away from the crime scene. This one was another disguised Shadar-Kai and from her room they found the rest of a note that indicated a meeting was to be held beneath the Fountain of the Gods in the Temple district the next morning.

After a brief rest to refresh themselves, the party headed there and sprung a surprise attack on the two Shadar-Kai and the disguised merchant they found arguing there. What were they arguing about? What is the motivation for their savage attacks? Find out next session!


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