Harken's Heroes

Entering the Keep

Pit. Got 'em this time!

After a restless night’s sleep, a hearty breakfast, and a fond farewell, the adventurer’s headed to the Keep. They arrived to find a large ruined fortress, though recent activity had cleared a path into the broken walls. They discovered a set of stairs and slowly proceeded down into a torchlit chamber. Across them a goblin picked his nose and was taken by surprise when a blade of force magic struck him. As the battle commenced D’kar charged into the fray, only to fall into a hidden pit filled with bones and squeaking rats. With their hardiest defender down, the rest of the party fought goblin warriors and sharpshooters as best they could, while the brave dragonborn was nearly drowned in a sea of swarming rats.

With Giya’s help and the work of his great-sword, the two holy warriors charged down the hallway and made quick work of the nearest goblin, while the rest of the party fought of a goblin warrior that tried to flank the party from the east. Everyone ducked and dodged crossbow bolts from the two sharpshooters, while they kept the rats at bay in the pit, distracting them with a dead goblin feast before they could climb out.

Moving around the pit, the entire party poured into the room with the sharpshooters and immediately defeated them. As they moved around the room they noticed horrific phrases written in old, dried blood. Giya explored the northern most exit of the room and noticed a trail of blood leading through the hallway to a closed door. They decide to investigate.


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