Harken's Heroes

Emptying the tomb of the enchanter.

Including the loot in his crypt!

The party pushed open the door to reveal a chilly crypt, complete with a glowing symbol on the floor, a stone sarcophagus, and a number of undead. Consulting his arcane knowledge, Ganassi recognized the symbol on the floor as that of a long dead sorcerer. Perhaps distracted by this revelation, his magic missile attack flew between the ribs of a skeleton archer. In retaliation the skeletons attacked the righteous paladin and cleric, but all of their attacks missed.

Two zombies that had been skulking in the shadows shambled into view and attemped to grab the front line fighters. D’kar was grabbed in a strong grip, but the agile cleric managed to dodge out of the way. In retaliation Bosephus used his divine power to turn undead and pushed the zombies away from the party, freeing D’kar from the undead creature’s clutches and severely injuring the monsters. Once freed, D’kar ran up to the nearest zombie and swung wide, just missing it. A rotten and decrepit zombie attempted to retaliate against the paladin but his meaty fist clanged harmlessly off his armor.

Since all the zombies were clumped together Ganassi used a column of scorching flame to kill one and burn more flesh off the two remaining zombies. The three skeletons attempted to shoot arrows at the two righteous fighters, missing the paladin, but scoring two hits on the cleric. The only zombie able to move attempted to club the dragonborn with another heavy swing, but was easily blocked with his shield. The cleric followed up its miss with a devastating attack with his mace, driving it through his chest and leaving him barely standing. A faint glow enveloped him and the arrow injuries slowly began to close.

The dragonborn opened his mouth and unleashed another gout of flame, destroying another zombie and injuring the remaining one. He followed it up with a righteous attack with his sword that cut down the last remaining zombie. Seeing his friend’s success, Ganassi used a well aimed cluster of magic missiles to destroy one skeleton. In a failed attempt at retaliation the skeletons each missed the cleric and paladin. The cleric followed that up with a charging attack the barely missed a skeletal archer. Following suite D’kar charged the other skeletal archer and also missed.

Seeing his friend’s distress, Ganassi uses another magic missile attack to destroy the 2nd to last skeleton. With a frozen grin, the remaining skeleton drew his long sword and managed to get through the cleric’s chain mail with a glancing blow. Charging recklessly to his friend’s aid, D’kar’s attack was blocked by it’s shield. Slightly dismayed at their inability to finish off this simple undead creature, Ganassi finally ends the fight by hitting the remaining skeleton with a final magic missile.

The adventurer’s examined the crypt and discovered a magical longsword interred with the ancient sorcerer. D’kar claimed it as his own and prepared to use it against whatever awaited them beyond the door to the room full of strange sounds.


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