Harken's Heroes

Drowning Sun

"Shiny, you aren't so shiny any more."

The party’s work in Thunderspire finally accomplished, they set off to their next destination. A few (mostly) eneventful days later and they arrived at Glimmer Mine, the small town next to the Glimmer Lake. Seeing it captured by cultists, they party decide to sneak in through the sewers and use a magic scroll to enter to the lake itself. They make their way across the lake bed, fighting their way into the entrance of the temple itself. There they find an altar room desecrated by the forces of Orcus, but Bosephus quickly cleanses it for use by his friends. What other dangers lurk within the sunken Temple of the Sun Father?

After another night to recover, the party (and Arwin/Grundelmar) set off. Grundelmar wished everyone blessings on their journey to the Glimmer Lake Temple before heading back to Fallcrest. After a mostly uneventful evening camped in the wilderness, the party continued their journey before stopping for lunch at the Five-League House. Their they learned some local color and some inside information about a sewer entrance to the Glimmer Mine town.

Their lunch finished, the party continued along their journey, climbing the steep road to the Dawnforge Mountains. At the crossroads near Hammerfast, the party bid farewell to Arwin, who mysteriously disappeared along with a flock of canaries. Mystified, the party headed south to the mining town, arriving just before dawn. Sizing up the situation, they decided to try the sewer entrance. Things went pretty smoothly for everyone, despite being ambushed by some Carrion Crawlers and giant cockroaches. Only BFG had problems when his acrobatic attempt to cross the sewage went awry.

After glimpsing a ritual being conducted by Kel’thuzad to raise the temple, the party dove into the lake itself. Following the ruins of a stone pathway, they headed out toward it, only to be attacked by a party of sahuagin raiders. Despite a close call for Scarab, the party survived and moved on.

BFG used his holy symbol and some prayer to open the golden entrance to The Temple of the Sun Father. Once inside they found a desecrated altar and a horde of zombies. D’kar and Glurp led the charge against the creatures, while Bosephus and Mot used the power of holy crystal to sear their enemies. It wasn’t long before they were cut down, never to rise again.

What other dangers lurk within the sunken Temple of the Sun Father?


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