Harken's Heroes

Detective work in Winterhaven.

It's elementary, my dear Mot...

The group returned to Winterhaven with their hard fought spoils and delivered the barrels of ale to a grateful Salvana. They noticed a strange gathering of storm clouds to the north of town, but couldn’t found out much about them around. Giya went to the temple and donated his reward to the patron god, before talking with Sister Linora about the strange goings on around town. Unfortunately, she couldn’t provide much information to him. Bosephus headed to Bairin Wildarson’s store to pick up some more ritual components, while the rest of the party told Lord Padraig about the defeat of the kobold’s and received their reward.

As they talked to the locals, Ganassi had a stroke of inspiration and decided to ask Ninaran about the goings on around town. Unable to give a straight answer, the elf seemed suspicious and as the eladrin wizard went to discuss this development with his comrades, she ran out of the inn. D’kar and Mot gave chase, while Ganassi quickly filled Lord Padraig in on the spy situation.

Barely catching sight of the nimble elf as they chased her out of the tavern, they attempted to follow her through the twisting streets of Winterhaven. Bosephus exited the shop but didn’t she her dash past. He joined his comrades in the chase, but the group was beginning to fall behind. Ganassi attempted to slow the fleet footed elf, but his magic missile only managed to hit the cobblestones behind her. Fortunately, this alerted Giya inside the temple and dashed out the door in time to cut Ninaran off. The group managed to corner her in an alley, where she stood behind some crates and drew an arrow in her bow.

Mot began talking to Ninaran, hoping to find a diplomatic solution to their fight. It seemed the elf’s sister had recently died and this Kalarel had promised to bring her back, as long as she helped him. The gnome’s impassioned pleas started to get through to the hard hearted elf as did the gentle prompting of Ganassi and the rest of the party. After a bit more discussion and the presentation of the notes found on Irontooth’s corpse, the elf decided that she had made a mistake and entered the protection of the temple of Avandra.

While Giya escorted her to Sister Linora’s care, Bosephus and D’kar examined the elf’s residence to see what Kalarel had left in her care. They found a note as well as some books describing the history of the area. The books also told the history of the battle against the evil sorcerer Karavakos and his undead hordes. They were turned back by the armies of Nerath and one of their rifts into this world was closed and sealed under the Keep nearby.

Meanwhile, Mot and Ganassi were hearing a similar tale from Valthrun the Prescient, who also detailed the downfall of the Keep itself, brought about by its last lord, Sir Gerald Keegan. This unfortunate man was unduly influenced by the evil energies in the Keep, slaughtered his family and many loyal subjects, before finally being trapped in the dungeons under the Keep. They also learned that the mirror shard they recovered from the dig site held a reflection of the Raven Queen and could be used with some sort of dark ritual on the portal below the Keep. The two adventurer’s agreed to investigate the Keep first thing in the morning.

With their work for the day well and truly complete and this new information to mull over, the party headed to their townhouse to get some well deserved rest.


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