Harken's Heroes

Death's Tomb (Part 1)

Son of Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeter!

The party says goodbye to Kixie the Gnome and head through the crossing to return to the Feywild. Carrying the injured Alphonse Glimguardian, they travel back to Astrazalian. After finding healers that will care for the injured warrior, the party returns to the Karitas tavern looking for a way to Sigil.

While at the tavern, they learn from Lornleaf that they may be able to find the location of Pluton from the Crystal of Knowledge. Hoping to stop Kel’thuzad from recovering the god slaying weapon that the Raven Queen used to kill Nerull, they quickly head through the portal and enter the city.

Scarab and Mot ask around and get information about a tournament taking place, with the winners getting a chance to use the Crystal of Knowledge. The party enters the tournament just in time and prepare to meet their opponent, after checking out the rest of the competition. As they enter the arena, Mot was surprised to find a foe from her past as their opponent. Brawn pulled out all the stops, summoning creatures from the parties past and delving into the parties minds, before eventually being taken down.

The party is eventually brought back into the arena for their second battle. As the crowd begins to erupt, their opponent is introduced, the Son of Skeeter! After a difficult battle, the half-orc conceded to the Harken’s Heroes.

Skeeter Jr. leads them through the streets to the Clerk’s Ward and into one of the large knowledge brokerage houses. Once they reach the top floor they find that the Crystal of Knowledge isn’t a thing at all, but a nearly all-knowing Shard Mind.

The being tells them that to enter Pluton they will have to travel through one of the Lady’s mazes and search for a portal in the realm beyond. After each finding a unique way of getting the Lady’s attention, they make their way through individual mazes and arrive together on the strange plane of Regulus, home of the Modrons. These strange creatures of logic and reason didn’t seem to be much help at first, but the party eventually figured out a way to communicate with them. It took a trip all the way up to their leader and back, but the party eventually found a working portal to Pluton.

After arriving on the blasted plane the party confronted a group of undead characters blocking their way through a massive black ice wall. Unfortunately for the creatures, the parties radiant attack made short work of them. After opening the gate, the party prepared to advance to the ancient temple of Nerull.

What challenges would await them inside?


No challenges….we found no challenges.

Death's Tomb (Part 1)
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