Harken's Heroes

Corridors of the Cube Redux

But he had a last name!

While the rest of the party recovered from their encounter with the gelatinous cube, Chet forged on ahead, scouting in front of his new companions. The group protested this splitting of the party, but the ranger waved off their fears. It turns out he should have listened.

Mere moments later the group heard two loud bangs, followed by a scream of terror. Concerned for his friend, Glurp drew a crossbow that was hidden among his rags and charged around the corner after him, only to stop short. A grizzly scene was before him; two bloated corpses stood over Chet’s body and stared in the party’s direction. The wily goblin let loose a bolt from his bow, almost felling one of the creatures, much to the party’s surprise. The cleric of Pelor used turn undead to burn the stench spewing corpses, quickly followed up by an attack from the bard to destroy the weakened creature. It exploded in a spectacular, but ultimately ineffectual way, only showering Chet’s corpse with necrotic filth.

One of the corpses managed to attack the cleric, but Wizard’s fire, dragon fire, and a brutal attack by D’kar nearly put the foul creature down. A second bolt from Glurp caused the creature to explode. The group was about to celebrate their victory when a small quake shook the Keep. While the party looked on in horror, Chet’s corpse rose from the ground, powered necrotic energy from the Portal below.

Bosephus used a lance of Pelor’s holy fire to singe their former comrade, followed up quickly by radiant attacks from the paladin that put the creature back down.

Upon exploring the room further and opening a locked door, the party found some treasures hidden in a chest by Sir Keegan’s children. Mot donned a new set of armor and the rest of the party pocketed the valuables they found, while Glurp replaced his tattered rags with some mismatched children’s clothing.


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