Harken's Heroes

Celebration in Winterhaven

Party time!

The party returned triumphantly to Winterhaven and was met at the gate by Ninarin and the cheering townsfolk. They escorted the party to Lord Padraig’s manor to receive their reward, before the weary heroes bedded down for the night.

The next morning the group was awakened by a loud celebration taken place through out the town. The party was named the “Saviors of Winterhaven” and joined the townsfolk in their revelry. Valthrun tasked Ganassi with taking the mirror shards to the Seven Pillared Hall, in the hopes that the Mages of Saruun could destroy the dangerous objects.

D’kar entertained the local children with displays of fire, Mot impressed the crowd with her musical talents, and Bosephus told everyone the tales of their adventures. Douvan Stahl informed the party that he would be taking a wagon to Fallcrest the next day and that they were more than welcome to join him on the road. The party enjoyed themselves among the crowd and planned their next destination, before saying goodbye to Giya and retiring for the night.

The next morning, the kindly Avenger re-supplied the party’s rations and helped them get the slightly worse for wear Bosephus into the wagon. After saying their final farewells, they set off for Fallcrest.


Giya, you will be missed my friend!

Celebration in Winterhaven
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