Harken's Heroes

Cathedral of Shadow

Ding-Dong Agrid's dead!

Small tremors continued to shake the Keep as the group returned to the Ghoul Warren. To the party’s surprise Giya rejoined them, stating that the defenses of Winterhaven had been strengthened and that a vision had caused Sister Linora to urge his return. The avenger and paladin broke through the now magically unsealed door and began studying the room. They heard faint chanting from somewhere and saw a large pool of blood through holes in some of the walls. As the party continued, the whole group tried to sneak into the room. Bosephus must have slipped on some of the loose rubble, however, because a trio of skeletons with their skin tightly stretched over their bones turned towards them as they approached.

When the party rushed into the room they noticed their old foe, Agrid, near an altar at the far end of the room, exalting Orcus and carving up some bodies dripping blood. Ganassi opened up combat with a magic missile on the undead gnome, which was quickly followed up with attacks by the cleric and the avenger. The divine light of Avandra seared one of the rift-tainted skeletons and compelled it to move next to the tiefling. The gnome and wizard combined to continue damaging the skeleton, shredding the skin protecting it from radiant energies, just in time for D’kar to burn it with a challenge from Bahamut.

Out of the darkness two small undead hounds raced toward the heroes, one taking Giya down and the other one heading toward the stalwart paladin. Agrid used his dark power to blind the cleric and all the skeletons moved in to attack the heroes. Ganassi’s familar flitted between the undead creatures, before unleashing a wave of fire over them all. He then helped his afflicted friend find the nearest foe and Bosephus used the help to burn one of the nearest skeletons, before retreating.

The avenger took down one of the skeletons, while Mot followed up with further attacks on another. D’kar charged straight toward Agrid and pinned him in place, before using his divine power to challenge him. Unfortunately this created an opening for one of the famine hounds to drag him down from behind. The remaining skeletons failed on their attacks against the wizard and the avenger, while their master missed his attack against D’kar. Ganassi threw a scorching flame on all of the creatures surrounding the paladin, but managed to avoid the dragonborn himself.

The blinded cleric stumbled around the battlefield, before clearing the haze from his eyes, in time to see D’kar decapitate Agrid, causing his corpse to reappear, a moment after his head. One of the skeletons managed to hit the wizard before he teleported away and sent a large wave of fire washing over the remaining undead creatures, followed up by the cleric doing the same thing with holy light. Mot and Giya continued to press their advantage, taking out the last famine hound, while D’kar, Ganassi, and Bosephus took out the remaining skeletons.

As the party contemplated how to descend into the chamber below, Bosephus pulled a magical amulet from Agrid’s corpse and hung it around his neck. With everyone gathered onto the large elevator platform, Glurp flipped the switch and the party descended into the chamber below.


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