Harken's Heroes

Breaking and entering.

A not very sharp shooter...

As the party cautiously entered the next room, they heard the sound of a door being broken into. They were surprised to see a goblin commanding a couple of armored kobolds, while a scrawny kobold looked on. As the goblin sharpshooter noticed the group, he sent the kobold into the room in search of some treasure, before hiding behind a pile of rubble. Noticing the cleric had moved to the front of the group, he fired a bolt that pierced his chain mail. This damage must have distracted the cleric because he missed his attack on one of the kobold dragonshields. The creature backed up to solidify its position with the other dragonshield and turned to face the adventurers.

To help his friend, the party’s wizard launched a blast of fire behind the kobolds and managed to scorch one, but miss the other. D’kar charged to aid his friend and unleashed a blast of fiery dragon breath, catching them both by surprise.

Thinking he had an opening, the goblin launched a bolt at the paladin, which was easily blocked by his shield. Taking advantage of the distraction, one of the kobolds manages to hit the dragonborn with his sword. Fortunately the other kobold’s attack missed.

With a quick prayer to Bahamut, the cleric was bathed in a bright light and felt restored, and followed it up with a searing lance of light onto the already injured kobold. Ganassi followed up that devastating attack with another fierce fire blast, that killed one kobold and severely injured the remaining dragonshield.

After moving into position adjacent to the creature, D’kar’s sword blow went wide. As he withdrew his sword, a piercing scream came from the door that the small kobold had run through. The sound distracted the goblin and the kobold, who both missed attacks against the paladin.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Bosephus used another lance of light to cripple the remaining kobold and Ganassi hit the sharpshooter with a cluster of magic missiles. Seeing the damage done by his comrades, D’kar feinted to one side and then charged into the kobold dragonshield, killing it.

Seeing his last remaining ally fall, the goblin fired a desperate bolt at D’kar, but missed again. The cleric’s return bolt of light also missed, while the wizard moved into position to block the goblin’s retreat. He manages to strike the creature hard with another barrage of arcane missiles as D’kar charged the goblin, but missed the follow up attack.

The goblin ran for the door, while firing wildly at the dragonborn and dodging ranged attacks from the cleric and the wizard. Before he could make it very far, he was cut down by a vicious attack from the paladin.

As the adventurer’s examine the room, they discovered the remains of a magically sealed door and a trapped ceiling. After examining both doors leaving the room, the group decided to investigate the opened door before exploring a closed door with a bunch of loud noises coming from behind it.


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