Harken's Heroes

Assault on Valthrun's Tower

But we were sleeping!

The party’s extended rest is interrupted by a loud bang from Valthrun’s tower. Upon entering the first floor of the mage’s home, the heroes were disturbed to see four death cultists preventing them from climbing further up the stairs. The heroes quickly dispatched these weak foes and rushed up the stairs to find a broken warding circle and a dead cultist near the next staircase. After examining the circle they cautiously advanced up the next set of stairs, wary of what they might meet.

They discovered two more archers in the room above as well as two sword wielding cultists. Utilizing stealth, they managed to surprise the sword wielders, but not the cultists armed with bows. The two archers launched bolts at D’kar, but he retaliated with a ball of flame that destroyed them and damaged both of the cultists, before attacking one of them with his sword. Ganassi followed that up a fire attack of his own that nearly brought down one of the remaining fighters. Mot and Bosephus combined their attacks to drop one of the fighters, but the other one managed to stab D’kar with his necrotically charged sword. The party quickly ganged up on him and brought the fanatic down.

Giya rushed up the stairs and spotted some more cultists, including a couple berzerkers, and an undead gnome. This time nobody saw the heroes as they snuck up the stairs and entered the fray. D’kar and Giya charged into the room and quickly dispatched one of the weaker cultists, while positioning themselves for their next attacks. Ganassi took out another cultist while the party began to work on the Orcus berzerkers. One of the muscular lunatics tried to vault over a table and attack Bosephus, but he misjudged his jump and fell face first onto the table full of Valthrun’s research. Agrid, the newly raised gnome, attacked D’kar with a spell that blinded him. Ganassi got some measure of revenge against him with a burst of fire that scorched the gnome and the berzerker.

Half the party engaged one of the berzerkers, damaging him quickly, while the rest worked on the other berzerker. The two brutes attempted some measure of revenge, but didn’t meet with very much success. Though unable to see him, D’kar’s wild swings took out the last cultist, leaving only Agrid and two berzerkers left. The party quickly piled damage on to the two muscle bound, fighters driving them into a rage that didn’t really amount to much extra damage. Ganassi destroys one of them with a wave of fire that also damages Giya, but the Avenger takes it in stride and presses his attack against Agrid. As the last berzerker dropped the wily gnome turned invisible from the devastating attack and made good an escape out of one of the high tower windows. During the fall to the roof below an amulet around his neck flashed and the gnome landed on his feet, before sprinting across the rooftops into the night.

After making sure that Valthrun and the mirror shard were safe, the party prepared to head back to the Keep and continue their quest to stop Kalarel’s attemp to open the rift.

On their way out of town, each member of the party received a gift from one of the townsfolk. Valthrun the Prescient, Bairwin the shopkeeper, Sister Linora, Elian the Old, and Delphina Moongem all bestowed a magic item onto a member of the party and wished them luck on the trials they will be facing ahead.


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