Harken's Heroes

Ambushed on the road!

Kobold brigands? Are you serious?

The quartet of adventurer’s continued northwest, along the Old King’s Road. As they approached the walled town, they began to notice strange tracks on the road. Mot took a break from backing down the trail and “entertaining” everyone with a song to examine the footprints more closely. She deduced that the small clawed feet came from kobold footprints, but couldn’t make out how recent they were.

As the party crept down the trail looking for an ambush, they were rewarded for their efforts when a gaggle of kobolds (easily confused with red caps) dashed out from behind some boulders and tried to rob them.

Without too much trouble, the three experienced adventurers and their new comrade easily routed the kobolds. Bosephus only stopped long enough to cut the kidneys from one creature to wear as a corset. The slinger put up the best fight, urging on his brethren, and warning them of dire consequences for all of them (from HIM, whoever that is) if they failed. The rest were burnt up, sliced up, or smote into oblivion. If only I could have been there to see it in person!

At this point Eilian picks up his walking stick and vigorously shakes it about like
a sword.

Whew, now where was I? Oh yes, my favorite part of the story is coming up! But before that, the party gathered up the few coins the kobolds were carrying and headed into Winterhaven.


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