Harken's Heroes


"I think he works Oracle support..."

The adventurers met up early in the morning to finalize their plans for the day. After a discussion (and some singing) between the party members, they eventually voted to go to the burial grounds over Ganassi’s dissent.

With a jaunty tune by Mot, the group headed out of town along the Old King’s Road once again. After a quick pit stop for D’kar the party members wandered through some thick forest, the group was surprised by a group of fierce kobold fighters with skulls painted on their faces. They were accompanied by a wyrmpriest to lead them and ferociously attacked the party. Bosephus and D’kar were severely injured in the opening rounds, but they eventually managed to recover from their wounds and overcame their adversaries. Things got touchy in the middle of the fight when the wizard used the dragonborn as a target for scorching burst.

However, Mot used her tricks with a bow to knock down an enemy, Ganassi used fey step to get a nice tactical advantage against the wyrmpriest, and the two holy fighters flanked the kobolds with no mercy to turn the tide. As the skirmishers fell one by one, the magic using kobold became more and more desperate as the adventurers closed in. He eventually let lose a spray of acid over the paladin before being intimidated into surrendering by the scary gnome. They didn’t get much information out of him, except that his name was Rakesh, he was very frightened by this Irontooth, and didn’t want to give up any information about that vile creature.

After tying him (and his smoldering clothing) to a nearby tree and gagging him, the group picked up the few coins the creatures had been carrying and continued on to the ancient burial ground.


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