Harken's Heroes

A battle joined...

Kobolds playing poker...

Old Kellar offered free drinks and the party enjoyed a beverage based on their individual tastes. After a candid discussion with the elder about the current situation in town, he lead the party to ancient ruins nearby. Old Kellar showed the party the entrance before skeddaling back to town. The party warily entered the ruins and came across a trio of kobolds discussion which farm to raid next. After some hurried whispered discussion, they decided that negotiations would be mot and D’kar opened combat with a hastily thrown javelin. Unfortunately the paladin’s attack sailed wide and combat was joined.

Ganassi, overwhelemed by a battle lust uncommon in Eladrin, charged into the room and used a blast of fire to kill a puny kobold and injure the kobold slinger. In response to his actions, the remaining kobolds attacked him, calling their rat allies into the fray from the piles of garbage litering the room. The mage found himself surrounded, injured, and slowly burning from a firepot.

D’kar attempted to help his friend, but swung wide over an agile rat. He shifted into a better position to defend the battered mage, while Bosephus used a divine bolt to smite one of the rats. Ganassi, burning with anger and fire damage, unleashed a wave of fire to wash over his foes and manages to destroy another rat. He somehow missed the scrawny kobold in front of him, but the wizard’s following shift managed to douse the flames on his robes.

The slinger, worried as his minions fell around him, stuck the rampaging dragonborn into place with a glue pot. While the cleric was distracted by his friend’s predicament, one of the giant rats managed to take a bite out of his leg. D’kar reared back from his trapped position and managed to decapitate a nearby kobold. Bosephus followed up with a vicious mace swing of his own to bludgeon the last rat, before moving into position to block the slinger’s escape. Seeing the kobold look like he was about the flee, Ganassi launched a magic missle at him nearly bringing him down.

In fear of his life the kobold hurried down a hallway to escape, but was brought down by a well thrown javelin from the paladin.


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